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Nova Public Realm

NOVA SW1 is an industry leading multi-purpose development situated in 2 hectares of one of London's most important gateways at Victoria Station. It encompasses 3 new buildings creating destination food outlets, contemporary office space designed for enhanced wellbeing and productivity and 170 residential apartments of the highest quality in central London. It also has extensive new public realm and landscaping that blend into and enhance the urban environment in this part of the west end. The public realm creates new outdoor destinations, thoroughfares and meeting spaces that link to Victoria Station aiding and enticing the 115 million people who use the station each year into and through the development.


ALD were involved at the construction phase of the project helping Careys Construction design, detail and deliver the public realm. ALD took the masterplan produced by PLP Architecture and brought it to life to create this beautiful and contemporary space. Features include 14 unique triangular/pyramidal planter benches that provide great seating and meeting areas as well as a tree lined avenue down the centre of the development, all surrounded by high quality, illustriously coloured granite paving. Where public realm meets building facade ALD delivered our signature high level of detailing to ensure that the outdoor restaurant and retail space was of an elite standard. ALD also detailed the feature 'Water Wall', a 10m high facade where water flows down a riven granite surface to a pool beneath, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and soft movement within the urban environment.




ALD role:


Nova, Victoria, Central London

Land Securities / Careys Construction




Streets & Squares

Work Stages 3 through to 6:

Developed Design  - Completion

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