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Curzon Crescent Playground

images courtesy of Patel Taylor Architects

A dynamic natural play area which has been designed with the hands-on involvement of the local school children. Following involvement with Patel Taylor Architects in the development of the Thames View masterplan proposals ALD were commissioned to develop the detailed design proposals associated with one of the initial phases of residential development.

Designated as a local equipped area of play (LEAP) through the masterplanning process, the schemes implementation satisfies the Section 106 requirements associated with the construction of a series of infill residential properties. Forming a strategic part of a hierarchy of public and semi-private spaces encountered across the Thames View area, the Curzon Street Play Space is firmly focused on natural play.  Spaces and elements on which children can explore, can be imaginative and can challenge themselves.

Curzon Crescent, Barking

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham



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Work Stages 2 through to 5:

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