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Canary Wharf Security Measures

Working with the specialist supply chain, the ALD team have a detailed understanding of security in the landscape.  The development of a palette of planters has now been rolled out across the Canary Wharf Estate (and beyond).  The wider project and product development was a BALI Principle Award winner in 2012.


These planters some of which are large enough to accommodate semi mature trees and still withstand the impact of a vehicle as it is designed and installed to PAS 68:2007 impact criteria. They are above ground and self-contained.


ALD assist in the survey and positioning of the planters for the best possible outcome, where space is tight, where a greater freedom of pedestrian movement is required or where there is the possibility of underground space due to limited service provision designs can also be created to accommodate bollards and other more standard security measures. 





ALD role:

Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf Estates

Commercial & Logistics

Streets & Squares

Feasibility, Design Development

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