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3 Merchant Square, Paddington

Located adjacent to Paddington Basin in Paddington, London - Merchant Square offers a multi-use space and link to surrounding areas. The simplicity of the landscape design is viewed both from ground level and above from adjacent buildings. The project was a BALI 2015 Grand Award Winner.


ALD were appointed as Technical Landscape Architects as part of the Frosts Team on this exclusive development of luxury apartment complexes and associated public realm. The project features high quality landscaping, and detailing with a unique water maze feature and new landmark footbridge. ALD were also responsible for coordinating the production of detail construction information for the public realm proposals. Aspects requiring our technical input and construction level detailing such as coordination with Robin Partington Architects in the production of building threshold / interface detailing, working alongside WSP Engineers to coordinate levels across the site, bespoke planter design and associated technical detailing  for construction level information and detail design of the landmark footbridge requiring coordination with Knight Architects and AKT Engineers





ALD role:

Paddington, London

European Land

August 2014

Streets & Squares

Work Stages 3 through to 7:

Detailed Design  - Completion

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