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Queensway Cemetery

ALD worked with Wycombe District Council to build on their brief for an elegant, contemporary and welcoming new cemetery for High Wycombe, moving away from the traditional or gothic, and taking inspiration from mid-20th century North American cemeteries and gardens for remembrance. The design response married this minimal style with naturalistic prairie planting and still reflection pools, to create a peaceful yet striking scheme, and secure the needed funding.

The proposal included a contemporary yet low impact administration building, columbaria walls, sculpture, snowdrop walk, woodland trails, water features, and a burial environment suitable for the needs of every portion of society.

Hazelmere Cemetery is currently undergoing design development and project planning, we look forward to seeing progress on the ground later in 2018.





ALD role:

High Wycombe

Wycombe District Council


Parks & Open Spaces

Landscape Architect for Feasibility Study & Masterplan

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