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Gasholder No.8 & Canal Reach, Kings Cross

Designed by Bell Phillips Architects, Gasholder 8 is an award winning park and event space located in Kings Cross. The central lawn is framed by a stainless steel covered walkway and renovated gas holder frame, whilst steps and bleachers offer access and views towards the canal. Canal Reach offers a multi use space leading away from the gas holder, with a wavy lawn and moveable planters offering flexibility. 

ALD were involved in developing the Bell Phillips and Townshend Landscape Architects concept designs through to completion. With a meticulous attention to detail, ALD worked through challenges such as the creation of granite clad plinths for the historical roller bases, radial paving interfaces and brick clad retaining wall details. 





ALD role:

Kings Cross, London

Carillion / Argent

June 2017

Parks & Open Spaces

Work Stages 3 through to 7:

Detailed Design  - Completion

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