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Eastside City Park, Birmingham

Birmingham's first new park in centuries, Eastside City Park lies within the city's Eastside regeneration precinct. It is a linear site which connects the city centre along the frontage of Millennium Point eastwards towards the Digbeth canal. The park represents the up front investment that forms the catalyst for future development plots.

The design follows a strategy of making a sequence of defined spaces with a logical yet pleasurable route between them, but with added layering of meaning as these work differently in the lengthwise or traverse directions. The park’s length lends itself to a continuous narrative, while across its shorter dimension it is more a moment of green in a journey through the city.

ALD were brought in to assist Patel Taylor in the development of the softworks detailed design and site supervision through to completion and ongoing maintenance advice. A bold planting strategy was chosen to help define the concept and provide a green backdrop to the potential development plots. Large trees differentiate spaces, direct views, create height, provide shelter and enclosure.  This structure is reinforced by planting of a smaller scale that has sufficient variety provide many different experiential characteristics throughout the park, creating an unfolding experience full of discovery and delight.





ALD role:

Central Birmingham

Birmingham City Council


Parks & Open Spaces

Work Stages 4 through to 7:

Technical Design  - Completion

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