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Demelza Hospice Care for Children

An emotional yet rewarding scheme which allowed guardians, relatives and custodians of the Demelza care home to fulfil their dreams in the creation of a garden of memories – an area which can be accessed by all, but which offers a place for reflection and contemplation during and following challenging periods in family life which have embraced terminal illnesses in children.

The design provides secure access to areas which are vibrant yet diverse in texture and feel.  With flowing water providing back ground sounds, feature stonework brings water up to a level which enables wheelchair users to touch and interact with the landscape. The scheme was opened in July 2013, by hospice patron and supporter Chris Evans.

ALD worked with the team of supporters and hospice owner to bring about the concept and to ensure it became a reality as seamlessly as feasible.





ALD role:


Demelza / Canary Wharf Group



Learning & Wellbeing

Masterplanning, Design, Delivery, Construction Phase Monitoring

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