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Crawley Schools

A package of sites comprising 3 senior schools and Desmond Anderson Primary School this reprovision of educational facilities in Crawley saw a shift from out dated buildings to new purpose built educational campuses which comprised functional and aesthetic and educational external teaching areas. From new drop off facilities, to mini bus parking, the segregation of pedestrians and vehicles has improved safe movement of staff, students and guardians.  Each scheme takes large leaps forward in terms of parking ratios and cycle parking provision.

Utilising plant material size and colour, courtyard areas are given a distinct sense of place – highlighting entrances, places to congregate and defining classroom spill out areas.  Mindful of the diverse nature of a school community, species selection considers the potential for allergies – particularly nut allergies.




ALD role:


PFI Project Partner HBG

Learning & Wellbeing

Detailed Design Development

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