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Broughton Astley

Exploring landscape and visual impacts to help guide the client on 2 adjacent sites of the possibilities and restrictions placed on their scheme proposals. ALD also assisted in inputting into the layout and potential positioning of accommodation within a proposed residential extension to the established village and provided Expert Witness at the Public Inquiry.


Fulfilling the landscape and visual assessment role, ALD prepared the LVIA scoping report for review with the local planning authority to establish precedent and opportunity for the 172no. Properties proposed in the Local Development Plan for the next 20 years allocation. The study included site visual and site / context assessment, desk top study, illustrations and analysis diagrams, and an initial report. 


Following a series of seasonal Landscape and Visual Assessment phases, a review of the Harborough RAG reports on target land for residential and community development, and formal feedback from the LPA, this land allocation opportunity went to Planning Inquiry in Summer 2013 and was successful in gaining Planning Approval in 2014.



ALD role:



Broughton Astley, Harborough



LVIA, Planning Submission, Masterplanning, Photomontages, Public Inquiry

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