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Brent Cross Exploratory Open Space

A temporary park providing an enhanced amenity for the local area, and a first step in the evolution of Brent Cross South’s open spaces. It will host a suite of new trees and play equipment intended for future relocation to the improved Claremont Park. 

The focus of the park is play—and playfulness—for all ages, with an arrangement that places elements and activities in surprising relationships; encouraging exploration and multiple interpretations of how the space is experienced and used. 
The Exploratory is structured around three main spaces: a paved area close to the space’s entrance for events and games; a grassy area for picnics, relaxing and running around; and a rich and varied central play landscape with places for traditional play, games, sports and exercise, as well as more adventurous elements. 

The approach to the temporary open space from the street will be improved with an enhanced public realm and strengthened relationship to Clitterhouse Playing Fields via Claremont Way. A new ‘facade’ installation at the Exploratory’s entrance, including the re-appropriated Rosa Freedman spire, will provide both a strong civic face and sense of continuity; improving visibility from the main road with a new presence and approachability into the park currently lacking in the existing situation.

The Temporary Open Space will provide a replacement park during the construction of Claremont Park and the refurbishment of Clitterhouse Playing Fields (Part 1). The Temporary Open Space will be on the site of Plot 11 and will open in 2020. Focused around play and recreation, the space will be used to pilot new design ideas for the wider area.

Take a look inside Exploratory Park in London's Brent Cross Town! The first park will connect the new neighborhood and join it's 50 acres of parks and playing fields - Brent Cross Video Footage

Brent Cross Drone Footage taken just before the park opened in August 2020

Brent Cross, London

Galldris Services Limited and Brent Cross South Limited Partnership

August 2020

Parks & Open Spaces

Work Stages 4 through to 7:

Detailed Design  - Completion





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