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Sue Wang BA

Year Out Landscape Architect

Sue is an energetic and creative year out Landscape Architect who joins us following graduation from the University of Sheffield in 2019. She has a keen interest in the arts which lends towards a strong and individual graphic style.

In 2018 Sue completed a valuable two month internship at the Sussex Prairie Garden, gaining a comprehensive understanding of plants and planting design which she continually utilises whilst working here at ALD.

Favourite plant / tree: Ficus microcarpa, the aerial roots are very calming to sit under.


Inspiration: From art student background. the contrast of cold and warm colour, the contrast of light and dark, the contrast of saturation and the contrast of transparency.


Favourite places: Hongya Cave ( 洪崖洞) in ChongQing,   Riemer See in Munich.



Graduate of the University of Sheffield

S2, Kings Cross

Bicester Environmental