Stonepit 9 & 9a

Following a very active period of quarrying in the 1950’s and 60’s, Stonepits 9 and 9a (quarry references) were subject to general waste land fill in the 1970’s.  Left with a nominal layer of soil and a basic gas venting system, the site has now changed hands and as a result of its position over the London Aquifer, is subject to a process of recovery, remediation and re-restoration.

With the Clients aspiration to work with the community and offer something back, ALD were responsible for scoping works, Landscape and Visual Assessment works, design proposals including low key recreational opportunities, habitat creation (in conjunction with the project ecologists), additional tree planting proposals (to support the air quality management status of the area) and extensive contouring and modelling of ground conditions, profiles and balancing ponds.




LVIA, Planning Submission, Masterplanning, Public Consultation


ALD role: