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Assistant Landscape Architect

Mika first joined the team for a 3 month summer placement as a break from her studies at the University of Sheffield where she was part way through an MA conversion course in Landscape Architecture. Mika has since return to ALD having completed her course and she has already settled in and is a valued member of the team once again.

Mika originally studied architecture in Taiwan, but has since found a love for Landscape. She came to us with a crucial three years of work experience in an architecture design studio and has studied Landscape Architecture in a practical situation through her previous work. 


Interests: Photography, travelling, trying out X-sports, such as free diving, wake boarding and boxing. 


Inspiration: Her family background inspired Mika to study architecture, but over time her interests have led to a change of subject into the world of landscape.


Aims: To blend the physical and spiritual forms of architecture, and to incorporate the organic with the artificial.



Graduate of the Shih-Chien University (Architecture) & Sheffield University

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