Angus Fisher BSc PGDip LA

Landscape Architect

Originally studying and working in Historic Art Restoration and Conservation, including some of London’s most prestigious landmarks, Angus returned to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture at Manchester School or Architecture in 2012. Since joining the team Angus has detailed numerous roof terraces and retirement homes, as well as the high end NOVA Public Realm scheme in Victoria. Angus carries out many of ALD’s Survey activities and LVIA writing, has strong interest in conservation and rewilding schemes 

Favourite Places: Scottish Highlands and Islands, Oxford River Swimming, Running in the woods

Landscape Aims: To find a balance between functioning natural ecosystems and the built environment. To redress the imbalance where human development is harmful or prohibitive to the functions of the natural world. To design social, public space where people can interact and take charge of their own environment. To create exciting stages for life to happen.